An Introduction to Me…

So where do I begin…maybe with Hi?! But that’s too ridiculous right? Maybe, welcome to my first ever blog as a father. I did a blog a few years ago when I headed over the to states on my wild and exciting “best year ever summer camp” adventure but that was more for family members back home to make sure I wasn’t dead! But this I want to be something my kids looks back on in the future and think…”dad you were an embarrassment” to which my reply will be “why did I have you if I can’t embarrass you!”

So about me then, I’m 30 years old (soon to be 31, old right I know!) Father of two boys, Finley and Jaxon (5 and 2) so they are at the stage of pushing buttons on how far they can go… but over they are my boys wouldn’t change them for the world… (below picture: top: Finley bottom: Jaxon)

I got married in 2018 to my beautiful partner Megan who has supported me through everything. Been together coming up next year to 5 years. So as you can see from the ages of the boys it happened all very quickly when we got together. But we live, learnt and survived through aid of family and friends but mainly family. But she is my rock and we work together well, like every person (but they won’t admit it, we argue and it gets petty but we work it out and move on.)

So back to me…(sound very selfish but again this is about me) I have played inline hockey for the same local team for the past 25 years to which my father has been my coach for a majority of them. But now I just ref with a few the teams I used to play against when I was growing up. I don’t play again more due to the boys, family life and working (boring!) but when the boys are old enough I will get them into it so we can all play together like my father played on the same line when I was 18, he was suppose to retire then but still plays until the start of this year like me…so maybe one day it can be my boys, me and my father all on one playing and he will finally retire…only another 15 years for that to happen.

So I better come back to what I am going to be blogging about and around in the future, pretty much my life as a father and the day to day complications and pleasures of being a father, husband and all round nice guy…maybe not the last part but you will understand where I come from in the next few blogs and maybe you will carry on reading, maybe you won’t but I hope that the stuff I write you can somehow relate to.

Until Next Time….

The Hairy Father